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3 Interesting Advances in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a branch of science that uses living systems and organizations for product development and manufacturing. It is also used to modify products as well. Biotechnology has been around for decades and it has made some groundbreaking breakthroughs in medicine, chemical research and agriculture.

The use of biotechnology has also been used for other interesting discoveries as well.

Here is a look at 3 advances that have taken place with biotechnology.

Glow in the dark cat

Glow in the dark cat

Glow-in-the-Dark Kittens

Back in the year 2011 a group of scientists at the Mayo clinic figured out how to make glow-in-the-dark kittens. The kittens were made this way with the use vitro fertilization. The researchers have modified the eggs and sperm of the kittens at the molecular level to produce the glow-in-the-dark effect. Transgenic cats in the past had a glowing effect through the use of cloning and gene modification now scientists can make them this way naturally.

What this experiment on the cats proves is that any mammal (including humans) can have their genes altered during the birthing process to create different effects on people and animals. The glow-in-the-dark cats are not going to be released into society so pet lovers can forget about owning one.

However, people can expect more strange and unique looking creatures to start emerging in the future. Keep in mind that research and experimentation such as this is being closely guarded and monitored. While the technology is in place to create a wide variety of unique looking and acting creatures; the world is not ready to deal with mutated or genetically altered animals on a mass scale. For now, having a regular cat that meows instead of glowing in the dark will have to do.

Selective Reduction and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is being closely linked to birthing process. Over the past 5 years vitro fertilization is on the rise. Since it is people are having babies unlike any other time in history but the treatment is creating more multiples of children. Doctors are advising patients to reduce quadruplets, triplets and twins down to one or two children.

On the surface many people find this to be disturbing but some doctors recommend the use of biotechnology selective reduction to keep some pregnant females safe and to keep unwanted babies from becoming a social problem and strain. Some people did not realize that selective reduction had become a safety net for abortions which means that females have a safer (or at least another method) for getting rid of children.

This is a very controversial matter that has not made a lot of headlines in the news. However, as more people become aware of this process organizations and groups are probably going to try and limit the use of this science for this purpose.

robot-arm-evolution-transhumanismBiotechnology and Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a term that is going to become more popular in the near future. Why? Because biotechnology has the ability to transform humans into something that resembles a superhero. Biotechnology can be used to create artificial limbs, genetic engineering and computerized artificial intelligence to modify human beings and their ability to do different things. Biotechnology can be used to create “super soldiers” that have a velocity of speed and an uncanny ability to hit moving targets.

They can also produce high powered athletes that can compete in sporting events or used for jobs involving a lot of labor. Transhumanism is also another controversial subject because many people feel as if this type of modification should not be done on people. However, this branch of biotechnology is closely being safeguarded and monitored as well.

Biotechnology is constantly being advanced and it has multiple uses that can cause drastic changes in modern society. This field of science and technology is always closely being monitored so that changes will not be used for the wrong purposes or in an unethical manner.

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The Future of Biotechnology

Biotechnology History:

1178198491_5120Biotechnology (“bios” is Greek for life and “technikos is Greek meaning involving human knowledge and skills). Biotechnology is simply technology based on biology. It combines cellular and bio-molecular processes to develop various forms of technologies and products. Biotechnology is a part of every part of the human life, in fields, that includes physiology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, medicine, agriculture, food science, environmental science, mining, chemical and bio-process engineering. Modern biotechnology is considered the scientific manipulation of living organisms at the molecular level to produce healthy foods and useful products.

Man has always used the art of biotechnology. For instance, the Egyptians discovered yeast could make breads and the Chinese discovered fermentation techniques for brewing and making cheese. Beginning more as a production of food, biotechnology now includes the advanced cellular and DNA technology to enhance nearly every aspect of our lifestyles. Modern biotechnology became a more popular field around the end of the 19th century because by then, Gregor Mendel’s work on genetics was accepted and fermentation along with other microbial processes was founded and accepted by microbiologists Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur, and Joseph Lister.

Then at the beginning of the 20th century, industry and agriculture fields began to experiment with biotechnology. Due to the success in these fields, by the mid-century, advances were being experimented with in genetics. The DNA discovery that carries the genetic code and the “double helix” structure was leading to the manipulation of DNA. Advancement came quickly through the manipulation of genetically engineered plants, animals, microbes, and products that continue to intrigue cellular scientists and researchers leading into the future of biotechnology.

21 Sep 2010 --- Hand retracting frozen sperm specimens used in invitro fertilization. --- Image by © Ted Horowitz/Corbis

Biotechnology Advancements:

The importance of biotechnology is vital because it provides the solutions to major global issues, like global warming, world hunger, and pollution. It provides advances in the medical field where vaccine production is ongoing and tissue engineering is rendering bio material products. Biotechnology is the reason for alternative energy sources, which stems from fossil fuel, carbon dioxide, and plant chemicals. For food sources for a growing world population, biotechnology research can find methods to fertilize and regenerate dry soil areas to grow valuable and healthy crops.

Another biotechnology field that is advancing in providing man a longer, healthier life, is healthcare. Using stem cells or other bio materials for regenerative medicines, gives way for healing injuries more rapidly, as well as replacing organs through tissue engineering. Genome screening is the future of biotechnology because its advancements can help in the screening of potential health problems. Biotechnology in the field of gene therapy and modify bacteria, is producing insulin for people with diabetes. Gene therapy research is helping to find the root causes to reduce or remove the effects of cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.

With amazing advancements in biotechnology, this field is still considered to be in its infancy. Every year, the World Congress on Biotechnology, brings together leaders in the field of science, researchers, and scholars to share their experiences. They compare, share, and support their recent advances, innovations, and they talk about coming trends. The common discussions in biotechnology are future developments that will continue to impact human health around the world. Biotechnology is being designed in a variety of fields to increase man’s lifespan, make cancer manageable, increase the quality of old age, and replace organs with genotype tissues, possibly by using 3D printers.

The Biotechnology of Tomorrow:

Biotechnology is a partnership that involves experts around the world, all sharing and working together to find ways to reduce inflammatory diseases, recognizing and destroying cancer, bacteria and other harmful viruses, such as the work in the study of Ibola. Continued work in biotechnology is used in researching and studying new compounds found in the rain forests of the world and in new ways to manufacture plant cells that can open the door for new drugs. As someone once said The future is always fiction until scientists make it reality. Bio technicians are enjoying playing with this emerging technology. Recently, researchers found a way to change a chicken’s beak into a snout, similar to that of their dino ancestors and geneticists are hoping to explore dino species DNA, all in the hope of reversing inherited diseases, cure cancer, etc. With these considerations, bioethic entities are asking the question, how far should we go – which is why biotechnology is being monitored to ensure that technological innovations are being socially and ethically responsible.

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Top Biotechnology Companies in the World

Biotechnology is a dynamic industry that specializes in the medical research and technology. Many companies had been developed all over the world; it had helped human beings in the treatment of killer diseases and some disorder. The top biotechnology company is as discussed below.

640x-1Johnson & Johnson Company

It’s located in the US, and it specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals products. These products include immunology, and the drugs produced anti-tumor necrosis factor antibiotics, simponi drugs that are used to treat autoimmune disease such as ulcerative colitis. Also in infectious diseases, drugs such as hepatitis C protease inhibitor is synthesized, neuroscience and oncology drugs are also produced.

Novartis Company

It is located in Switzerland and rated as the best in production and selling of its products. It’s an independent company that focuses on the manufacture of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products. The major drugs produced are Clozapine, diclofenac, valsartan, carbamazepine and imatinib msylate drugs.

Hoffmann-La Roche Company

It is a Swiss global health-care company that operates worldwide. It specializes in two divisions that are the pharmaceutical and Diagnostics products. It’s pharmaceutical, and diagnostic sites are located all over the world. They include California, Indiana, Florence, South Carolina in the US, Burgess Hill in the UK, and Johannesburg in South Africa among many other regions.

Pfizer, Inc Company

It’s an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. It has its headquarters in Groton and Connecticut. This company develops and produces medicines and vaccines over a broad range of disciplines; these include immunology, oncology and cardiology among other drugs.

merck_be_well_green_gray(1)Merck & Co. Company

It is found in America and was established in the year 1891 as the United States subsidiary of the German company. During the World War 1 this company was taken by the US government and establishes it as an independent American company. It specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs, and it’s well known over its revenue.

Novo Nordisk Company

It’s located in Denmark and specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, and its key products include; diabetes care medication and devices. It is also involved in homeostasis management, hormone replacement therapy, and growth hormone therapy.

Gilead Science Biotechnology Company

It is located in America and develops commercializes therapeutics products. Its key primary concern is the production of antiviral drugs to treat patients who have HIV, pulmonary, Hepatitis B and C, and influenza. It operates in North America, Australia, and Europe and its company name and logo refer to the Balm of Gilead.

Sanofi Company

It is located in France and its headquarters in the Paris. This company engages in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs, and their products found in the prescription market, and also in over-the-counter medication. Sanofi Company produces drugs that cover seven major areas; that are the cardiovascular, central nervous system, internal medicine, vaccine, thrombosis, diabetes, and oncology.

AmgenAmgen Company

It’s located in America along the Conejo Valley. It’s the most independent biotechnology in the world. The products that the company produces specialize in dealing with preventing infection in patients who are undergoing cancer chemotherapy.

Actavis plc Company

It deals with producing and commercializing on branded products. These products include; the pharmaceutical, biologic, and generic product found over-the-counter products. The company headquarters is located in Dublin, and administrative offices are in Parsippany-Troy Hills, in the United States.

The modern technology should be given credit for what it had done. The above companies deals with producing various products that had changed our welfare. The death rate and mortality among children reduced due to commercial production of different drugs that deal with diseases and disorders.